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I still want you to keep a log. And for the men to count, they have to fulfill three requirements, First, they have to be new men you've never met before. Second, they have to have enough of an interaction with you to want to ask you out. And, third, they have to have enough information to ask you out, such as your name or know how to find you. No pressure to have any dates right now. I just want to understand your situation. if the number is zero, that's find. We can work with that. I just need to know what the picture really looks like
So, the problem is this: Women spend so much time wanting to be what guys want, trying to "make" guys like them, trying to fix problematic relationships. We all know women who, after every breakup, ask, What did I do wrong? Why can't I get a man to like me? Or girls who change their looks and likes and dislikes based on the man they're with. So many women are trying to figure out what the "tight" thing to do, be, or say. They're googling things like" How do I get a guy to like me?" and "Is it okay to make the first move?" and "What will he think if..." This is a serious problem, and it's root of so many failed relationships and so much unhappiness for women.
The major message of this site is this: Stop trying to want a men wants you to be (or what you think he want you to be) and start figuring out whether he want what you have to offer__the real you. Further-more, you need figure out whether you really want him!
You might think you do, but women pursue or stay in sexual relationships that are never going to work all the times because they're not aware of what they really need (and deserve) or who the guy really is. If you want to be successful in the world of relationships, this has to change.

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When it comes to dating and relationships these days, there are all kinds of options out three for younger women. The choices are yours to make, so we won't be giving you advice about what you "should" do.
We'll give you the skill to develop a better sense of awareness about what is the right for you, by focusing you on questions that will allow you to get to know yourself and what you want from a online dating site: "What's my idea of good sex relationship?" When am I ready for sex with my Partner?" When and how do you talk with guy about what you want and where things are going?"
Answering these questions we will help ensure that whatever relationship choice you make will result in greater success. You won't find this in other dating sites about relationships.
The Way You Expect

The Way You Expect

If you've picked up this website, it's probably because you haven't been able to get or have the relationship you want. Whatever you're looking for, something casual or something more serious, thing never seems to go to the way you expect.  Read More

First Assignment

First Assignment

She was not impressed with my first assignment. How was calculating her misery going to get her a date? she was probably wondering, thinking that is wasn't meant to help her a date__yet. I was trying to get to come out of denial and see the reality of her situation.  Read More