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i am a lady with a high class of education and i have
all the necessery qualities of a woman. i am lovely
and kind and love every loving affair and long
relationship.i do enjoy making love and playing basket
ball and table tennis.And also love men who have all
the qualities of man and who have interest in making
love at any needed time.i am average and looking good
person and still a student and i love reading books
and playing with people all the time and i hate being
hash to poeple of good character
Looking for
i am looking for a lovely and interested young man.who
is able and kind at all time.And who come from a good
family and educated and intelligent.who is average
and capeble of making love at any available time and
period.A man of integrity and capability and self
respect and accounterbility. able bodied and handsome

young man. Where he is from does not matter provided

he has the qualities requested of him.any race or
tribe is accepted