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Well l would describe myself as a genune, honest, giving, loving guy, shy, and at times l can be funny, once l open up.
Some of my interests include spirituality/spiritualism, and Judaism. In a spiritual sense l believe we are all perfect, for its inside of us that we have to explore, instead of looking outward, which seems to be a religious aspect, but please note when l say this l mean no disregard for religion, l guess i'm just interested in the soul/spirit, its each to their own liking.
Im a huge music fan as we all are, l love the beatles, bob dylan, the rolling stones, john lennon, elvis presley, to name a few, l like collecting vinyl records, l have quite a collection so far, and l like history, and talking about history, mainly russian in the 2oth century.

I'm interested in working in volunteering, hopefully admin, l like helping people, so if l get a job like that l'll be happy (l hear you say but what about money?) well l manage to survive, and money doesn't mean the world to me, yet in today's times it is becoming the world (don't know if that made sense). So if you're looking for a rich man, i aint it.
Other things l can say is that l was born in melbourne australia, l was raised in the Ukrainian culture, but i'm also part Russian/Belarussian, and lw as told l have Jewish blood aswell, or that i'm part Jewish, in which i'm looking for (genealogy) right now, its pretty complicated.
Hmmm, other things, l smoke like crazy (cigarettes, not marijuana although l have done marijuana), l don't drink, i'm overweight, but im not mega overweight if you know what l mean.
Anyway thats it for now, l might write more later
all the best
Looking for
I'm basically seeking a woman who's similar to me, (refer to my profile above). Someone who's kind, generous, loving, funny, even shy, someone who's not judgmental, reasonably attractive (well l am a guy lol).
Someone who's confident, but not egotistical, l don't expect them to be perfect (in the sense), but just someone who is a good human being, and somebody l could have a good conversation with.