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Most of my friends would say I have a (dominant/easy-going/shy/other) personality.
I (like/dislike) the bar scene. I prefer (lots of partying/not to party) when I go out on dates.
On a date, I tend to like (quiet/wild) surroundings with lots of (talking/dancing/partying).
I'm (not very/very) experienced in relationships. I have had (number) long-term relationships.
Some of my favorite (activities/restaurants/places to go) are...
I (don't prefer/prefer) one-on-one dates. I like being with (one person/lots of friends) when I'm getting to know someone.
Where I live is (very/not very) important. I (am/am not) willing to travel or move for the right person.
When I'm at home, I enjoy listening to (name a few of your favorite artists or styles of music)...
Money and career (are/are not) very important to me. My current field is...
Looking for
I am looking for a young attractive male between the ages of 18 and 21- I live in the A.C.T region and would prefer to talk to someone close by or even meet up with in person. I'm into casual relationships, love the night life and would really like to explore the "scene" with someone. I like sexy-eyed built men that can really give me a challenge. If that's you- talk to you soon.