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Just imagine having sex three, sometimes five times a week. It’s possible once you discover why women want sex. Allow me to share with you three main reasons women tango naked beneath the sheets and crave passionate sex.

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Once you understand these secrets…

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1.  Women want a spiritual and physical connection with the person they love. They deeply desire the feelings of love. And one way to express and feel love is through the physical connection sex provides. It’s through sex they receive a physical and mental bond which gives them a feeling of security.

2. Women in general want to make men happy. They understand the law of reciprocation and understand when their lover is happy; the man in their life will go out of his way to make her happier. The law of reciprocation is very powerful and women understand it’s complexities. They know if they can make us happy, they’ll receive something in return which will then bring them more joy.

3. They enjoy it. Women are liberated and enjoy sex just as much as men. Thoughts once deemed taboo are no longer hidden in recesses of their minds. They have no problems expressing their desires for better lovers and hotter sex. Women have sex because they enjoy it just as much as men, as long as they have a capable lover.

You’re intelligent to know if you are not providing the woman you love with a pleasurable experience, her desires for it will fade away. However, if you can satisfy her every need through sex including better intimacy, then she will crave more of it.

How to Make Women Crave Sex

If you’re not receiving sex three to four times a week…then you need to learn how to make women crave sex. Once you tap into the psychological and emotional triggers to fuel their desires, you can have sex as much as you want. Ready to discover how to make women crave sex? Then let me share with you three methods you can begin using tonight to super charge your sex life.

You need to use scents to spark her desire for you. These are like gun powder, once ignited her cravings for you will explode. Either a musky smelling cologne or baby powder will drive her senses crazy.

Giving her more orgasms and hot sex will make her want to be with you more often. Use the rear entry position during sex and allow her to bring her favorite vibrator to bed with her. Use shorter thrusts to maximize her pleasure.

Look your best every waking second. When you go to work, wear the sharpest work clothes you own. When you are relaxing wear your best blue jeans and a relaxed fitting t-shirt. How many times have you looked over at your partner and wanted to have passionate sex with her, because the way she looked? Well she has the same visions in her head when you were something she finds attractive.

You’re smart enough to know when a women is sexually satisfied she is much more likely to engage in more of it. The better your sack skills, the more chances you get to refine them. And when you drench her in ecstasy every single time you make love…she will repay you with more sex. It’s the law of reciprocation at it’s finest.